SJ Group always regards talents as the root of entrepreneurship, competition and development of an enterprise.

Provide wide development space for the employees

Talents are the most valuable fortune of an enterprise and the principal of achieving the corporate strategy and targets. Only through continuous and healthy development and constant growth of the enterprise can we provide the employees with potential of improvement and the platform for realizing personal value. In turn, competence improvement and personal value realization of the employees ensure continuous development and growth of the enterprise. The two parties always support each other and share success and crisis.


Talent Concept
Like-minded, Virtuous and Competent!

Like-mindedness: It is required that each SJ employee must accept the values advocated by the enterprise. It is the source of cohesion and battle strength and also the foundation for a team to achieve brilliant success. Anyone who does not agree on the corporate values will be abandoned by the team, and anything against the corporate values will be strictly prohibited.

Virtuousness: Loyalty, unrighteousness, ambition, enthusiasm, modesty, friendliness and cooperativeness;

Talent: Proficient professional competence, continuous study and innovative ability;SJ needs comrades sharing the same business dream with the team, supporting each other through thick and thin, possessing both virtuousness and talent and working hard for shared business and dream.     

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