SJ Group is dedicated to providing the employees with the corporate atmosphere and working environment like a school, a family or an army, where the employees will work and live in a more balanced, more harmonious and happier way!


Remuneration System and Welfare

◆ Stable basic salary; bonus provided subject to performance of both the Company and the individuals; year-end bonus, etc.
◆National standards of social insurance and housing accumulation fund; perfect medical security system;
◆ All kinds of paid leaves, including paid vacation, paid sick leave, funeral leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, deferred holidays, etc


Employee Care

Ever since it was founded in 2008, SJ Business School of SJ Group has held exciting thematic speech contests, warm birthday parties, charity events and many other artistic activities to enrich spare life of the employees.

Speech Contest

On April 26, an exciting speech contest was held in the Training Room of the Company. The participants demonstrated their charm of speech with full enthusiasm and won lasting thunderous applause from the audience. 

SJ Society of Volunteers 

The SJ Business School founded the Society of Volunteers as a good platform to serve and contribute to the society. It encourages all people to provide all kinds of voluntary services to the society with time, energy, enthusiasm and labor during spare time and at weekends.

Colorful Recreational Activities 

SJ actively organizes football games, basketball games, table tennis games and badminton games to enrich the sports and cultural life of the employees and holds all kinds of outdoor exercises to improve teamwork awareness of the employees.

Living at SJ

Sticking to the philosophy of “Happy Work and Happy Life”, SJ relaxes and relieves “every SJ person of heavy work and life” by colorful artistic and entertainment events. On Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional Chinese festivals, the Company gives festival gifts and greetings to all employees. Meanwhile, the unique SJ Business School will regularly hold all kinds of colorful activities, such as birthday parties, travels, outdoor exercises and all kinds of skill training programs very beneficial to the employees.

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