SJ Group Chinaplas2013 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition

来源:Technical Department: Yao Jingtang (Tim .Yao)发布时间:2014-01-08

[CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition] is the largest rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world in terms of influence, only second to K Exhibition, Germany.

On May 20-23, 2013, Chinaplas International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, which was held at the Pazhou Exhibition & Convention Center (Guangzhou), attracted over 110,000 visitors, including over 30,000 from abroad. Over 2,900 exhibitors at home and abroad gathered at the exhibition. It has eleven major thematic zones, ranging from raw materials, molding equipment and molds and manufacturing equipment to finished products, aiming to provide cutting-edge and hi-tech products and solutions to automobile and auto parts manufacturing, architecture, electronic information, electric appliances, food & average, medical care, daily chemicals and other application industries. The exhibitors included SJ Group, Ace molds Company, Silver Basis, Yibin Pushmold, Synventive, Masters, Yudo, Lung Kee, Zeiss as well as those from Hong Kong and Taiwan. They jointly demonstrated diversified molds and manufacturing equipment.

As an exhibitor of CHINAPLAS2013, SJ Group assigned delegates with the Market Center as the core to the exhibition. Despite the small exhibition booth, the Company demonstrated colorful thin-wall packaging samples, precision auto and electronic products, 2*16 Stack Mould and 32-cavity Blood Collection Tube molds leading in China. With pooled efforts of the exhibition staff, we attracted many professional customers to the exhibition booth of SJ for details. Among them, most customers showed intention of cooperation. Some customers even went from Guangzhou to our factory in Shenzhen for field investigation during or after the exhibition. SJ Group achieved remarkable success in brand promotion and customer development through the exhibition.

Overseas visitors of the exhibition mostly came from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian Nations. With rapid shift of the world economic emphasis to the east, Southeast Asia is performing more brilliantly in the plastics industry. Low costs of labor and operation have made more and more multinational manufacturers to treat Southeast Asia as the preferred location of production bases.  

Through exhibition communication, we found that many Southeast Asian customers paid more attention to prices. At the site, some customers even provided prices far lower than our material costs. As a result, we immediately treated many customers as non-target customers. As our General Manager Mr. Jiang (Michael) said, “SJ Group shall not blindly pursue size and completeness in modes processing or complete with other suppliers in prices. We shall provide quality service and advanced technologies to the customers on the basis of perfection, specialization and precision.”

In the auto parts industry, SJ Group passed TS16949 Certification as early as in 2012. Now the Company is supplying quality auto molds to Benz, GM, VW, Ford, Toyota, HONDA, Nissan and other well-known brands.

In thin-wall food packaging and multi-cavity/high-cavity mold industry, SJ Group is a mold supplier recommended by Unilever, Jokey and other world-known groups; in the medical instrument mold industry, it is also clear that SJ Group must occupy a key position among the top suppliers of medical instrument molds by passing the medical ISO13485 Certification and developing such medical instrument molds as dialyser molds and blood collection tube molds.

Today, depression of the global economy has led to elimination of many common mold factories in the economic tide. It is both a challenge and an opportunity to SJ! To survive the crisis for a bright future, we have to keep providing quality service and advanced technologies to the customers on the basis of perfection, specialization and precision.

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