Aspire the excellence continually, and do the good thing to well in the first time!

Perfect Service and Quality First!

Excellent product quality is the origin of everything. SJ is always considering quality as life of an enterprise. We have established complete product quality assurance system, adopt high-standard quality management process and pursue constant improvement of product quality. Quality priority is not only critical requirement imposed on ourselves but also the commitment and responsibility to customers!


All the manufacturing procedures and quality control process of SJ Group exactly follow the specification of ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO13485, while the running is being critically monitored and confirmed to satisfy customers’ request.


Quality System 

◊ QC for program  analysis
◊ QC for project management
◊ QC for design data
◊ QC for manufacture

◊ Quality optimization of 

  project testing

◊ Continuous optimization 

of quality inspection system

◊ QC for customer service 
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Advanced Testing Equipment of SJ

Carl Zeiss CMM, Hexagon CMM, VMS, Projector [ST-8600 (300*100*100)] TESA-Micro-Hite, Mitutoyo-Micro-Hite, Mitutoyo-Mirometer, Mitutoyo-Digtal Caliper and Standard light box are available for strict inspection on the precision of the parts. 


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