SJ Group’s Leading Technology - Stack Molds and Tandem Molds

In 2013, SJ Group successfully delivered 9 Tandem molds (1500*1300*1800mm) and 7 stack modes (2*16) to a customer from North America. The successful manufacture of these tandem molds and stack modes symbolizes that SJ Group has significantly upgraded its manufacture from regular one-sided modes to multi-sided molds. It further proves the strength of SJ Group in high-end exported molds. So far, SJ Group is one of the few successful manufacturers of Tandem molds in South China. It is another major proud breakthrough in terms of leading technology and manufacturing capacity after the development of the thin-wall molds. Success of these projects has played an immeasurable role for SJ Group to develop the high-end molds market as a milestone in the development history of SJ Molds.




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