SJ Group is dedicated to the R&D, design and manufacture of quality molds and products, which are applied for vehicle industry, R&D of electronic/electric appliances, food packaging and daily commodities and R&D of medical consumables. It is the only purpose of our service to maximize value for customers.


Innovative Fields in the Market

Auto Parts:Serving high-end Tier-1 and Tier-2 auto supporting suppliers, committed to provide perfect overall project solutions for all major systems of the vehicles. Acting as a mold service provider certified by GM;

Thin-wall Packaging:With the leading thin-wall mold design concepts and R&D ability of China, SJ provides efficient thin-wall packaging and ILM solutions. Acting as a tooling supplier certified by Unilever;

Medical Systems: SJ has successfully developed 32 cavity tool of blood tube, and gained the advanced experience of extracorporeal dialyze system tooling. SJ is good at know-how of medical tool R & D.

Precision Manufacturing:With abundant experience of tooling designing and manufacturing, SJ is committed to injection of upmarket products. SJ is direct partner of Amphenol, Flextronics and Exlextrolux.


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